Shaker K. Tahrer

I got the idea for Bloody Boys ten years ago. I was haunted by a series of images, situations and characters. Reality was my inspiration; my starting point was events in the lives of friends, acquaintances and strangers.

The images and characters developed during the years. Some characters fused into one, other ones rerouted or disappeared. The final result began to take form when I gained some distance and was able to look at the characters from the outside, as leading parts in a film.

The main characters of Bloody Boys are stuck; they find themselves going around in circles. In order to break these patterns desperate and drastic actions are committed, sometimes by the individual's close ones rather than by himself. Life itself is at stake.

My aim has been to expose the audience to the humanity of the brutal and radical proceedings, and I hope that they will carry something from the film with them and that some of the scenes in this way will live on.