In the contemporary drama Bloody Boys we follow three families through three parallel stories.

Birgitta decides to end her apartment lease to move in with yet another man, leaving her son, Simon, without a place to stay. Simon's dad, Tomas, seems like the only one to turn to, but he has long since given up on the world and now finds his sole company with the dead.

Lina asks for a divorce, which prompts Gunnar to start writing a book on the cruel ways of love and marriage. Their newly graduated adoptive son, Björn, is forced out into the world and into an apartment of his own, where he ponders identity and being, thoughts that lead him into unknown and unexpected territory.

Ida and Kristoffer share a tragical heritage which they are struggling to break free from. Kristoffer does his best to ease his mother through her fits of rage, while longing for a less complicated life with his friends and his girl- friend. Ida tries all kinds of remedies for her affliction, but to no avail, and eventually the source of the problem is traced back up the bloodline...

Bloody Boys accounts for the workings of downward spirals, whose patterns drag individuals as well as their families into them. The film depicts the human aspects of a number of brutal proceedings, where life itself may be the price of freedom.