Bloody boys had its Swedish cinema premiere in 2012. Shaker wrote the screenplay and directed and produced the film which in recent years has competed at festivals and been shown at several major film festivals around the world, such as Montreal world film festival, St Paolo international film festival, Brussel film festival of which the film also won the award for best screenplay. The film has also been shown on SVT.

Soccer player at midnight with actors such as Lia Boysen, Anders Ekborg, Thomas von Brömsen, Johan Gry and others. The film has competed in several major European film festivals such as the French Clermont ferrand film festival, the German Dresden Film Festival, the Copenhagen Film Festival and more and has also been shown on SVT on several occasions.

The City Of YS By Lana AL - Zaidi

A lovely colorful story created by Lana AL - Zaidi, France/Iraq.Won in Malmö Arab Film Festival with Black Bird Film as Swedish producers.

Cinderella By Ala'a Al Qaisi

Poignant film about entering adulthood written by Ala'a Al Qaisi.  Won in Malmö Arab Film Festival 2021 with Black Bird Film as Swedish producers.



In progress

Ibrahams journey - feature film

Evas journey - feature film

Something of me - feature film